Serena’s visit

Serena is my long time friend. I have known her since 2002 when we were in China. She and her big family live in NJ. I was so glad she was able to find time and came to visit me. She came over on the evening of Thanksgiving and stayed till the end of the Nov. We did quite a lot between two of us.

Pictures clockwise from top left: Serena posts with our Thanksgiving wreath, Dim sum time at Hong Long Bay in St.Petesburg, We dressed up for a hot pot dinning at home; Hot pot with Orlando friend Manzhi and her sister Melanie, Brunch at Thai Temple in Tampa.

Homemaking bean curd skin


Found an interesting book (pictured below) “Asian Tofu: Discover the Best, Make Your Own, and Cook It at Home
“. I tried several recipes from it, result came out pretty good. This homemade bean curd skin was one of them I tried. It was a very time consuming experience. Instead of making my own soy milk as the main ingredients required from the recipe, I used store bought boxed soy milk, it worked just fine.