Seafood boil, drinks at The Brass Tap

I made this huge pot of Seafood boil for lunch. Sea scallops, crayfish, swai fish, mussels, Portuguese sausages, New England hot dogs on a broth made from clam juice; corn; potatoes; celery and sweet onions. We all thought there was no way we could finish it, and we did!

Later the afternoon, Alan and I were having drinks at The Brass Tap in Wiregrass Mall. What a nice way to relax a bit before going back home.

Pan fried Swai

Dinner tonight: Pan fried Swai fillets on Spanish rice, with sweet belly peppers, carrots, sweet peas, mushrooms and broccoli.

Swai fillets, defrosted. Pated dry, seasoned with Kosher salt, pepper (lightly). Dredged fish in beaten egg, then coated the fish with Panko bread crumbs. Add fish into preheated pan, over, pan fried for 4 minutes (or till the edge turned to dark brown). Flip, cover, cooked for another 2 to 3 minutes (adjust the time by the thickness of the fillet).

2 cups of Spanish rice, cooked in Zojirushi Rice Cooker, added water to about 3/4 height to the 2 cups mark, and chose “cook harder” option. When it was done, added 4 tbs of butter. It came out perfectly.

Fish stew in clay pot

Steve and Alan at the dinner table: Homemade deep fried chicken wings; fries and the fish stew in clay pot. And there was our “rat” at the corner. I had just shaved him that day.

I sautéed garlic and fresh ginger in pan first then transfer them with the oil they cooked in into the clay pot, simmered with chopped celery, green onions, Fish bean curd for 15 to 20 minutes, added Swai filet (coated with salt & pepper and corn starch), covered and continued cooking for another 8 minutes, added imitation crab meat cook for another 1 minute or two, garnished with fresh Cilantros just before serving.

Baked ribs

Made this patch of Pork ribs (pictured their backside as they were baked that way to get the most flavor absorb into the meaty side of the ribs) for my brother in law’s visit. He is going to stay till next weekend. Tonight we had a simple meal together: Baked pork ribs (I especially love those soft bones); baked sweet potatoes with maple syrup; corn chips and homemade lemonade.