2013 Chinese New Year party

A Chinese New Year party at a friend’s home. Girls were posting before digging into the delicious home made food. Oh, yes, I was wearing the same red dress I worn the night before for another party, made every penny I spent on this dress worth for, ha.

A table full of home made food. I made BBQ pork ribs and sweet and sour pickled pig feet.

Dishes clockwise from top left: Jello shots, Spicy beef, Sichuan style chitterlings stew, my BBQ ribs, Tomato spinch salad, Fruit salad, Shrimp celery stir fry, My sweet and sour pig feet, Pork sweet rice dumplings, Rice cake stir fry, Braised whole duck, Sichuan style chicken salad, Pork rib stew, Spicy hot fish stew.

2013 Chinese New Year dinner

Last Spring, I went back to Shanghai visited my family and friends there. While I was there, I also purchased several traditional dresses – Qipao and brought them over for Chinese holidays. This vibrant red Qipao in the pictures was one of them. I intend to wear a new one for each following year.