Lunch at TC Choy’s, Pan fried dumplings

I have heard of its name long time ago, finally had chance to try it out. It was noon on Easter Sunday, extremely crowded. Typical dim sums, service was better than reviews on the internet, a bit on pricy side. The most remarkable dish to me and something other Asian restaurants don’t serve is those steamed flat bread (comes with baked duck), they were extremely light and tasty, it was gone so fast for four of us, we had to order two of them.

For dinner at home, I made pan fried dumplings, they came out really good. It was beef and pork filling.

A quick lunch

Lunch at Sa Li One with friends and the visiting parents of one of the girlfriends. The Korean restaurant was very busy and crowded, waitresses were friendly but they were too busy to serve working people who were pouring in during their lunch break, we had to ask 4 times for a cup of tea. Next time I would choose a different time to go.