Star Trek into Darkness

Pictures clockwise from top: Shag was inspecting our newly harvested peppers; Alan poses with his gigantic popcorn (loaded with butter and salt) at the movie theater before we went to watch the new movie – Star Trek into darkness (I think it was the best movie I watched since Avator); My steamed double vegetables with grilled snapper at Stonewood Grill.

Birthday party in May

I had mango allergy last week, my face and eyes were all swollen up. Luckily it went away enough to not be noticed before the party.
Pictures clockwise from left: Dressed up for the birthday party. Handmade noodles I made for bringing to the party. My girlfriends. Alan was teasing Shag with steamed pork filling bun I brought back from the birthday party.

The colorful and abundant party food we had.The first picture on the second row was the Shanghai style cold noodle salad I made out of the handmade noodles I made that morning.

Bikini moment

The day before my friend Sandy leaves for her home in MA, we finally got a chance and a weather went to beach at Fort De Soto Park together along with my Orlando friend Manzhi. Well, if I had known we would taken bikini pictures, I would have us better prepared: starved ourselves a couple of days ahead, no salt and water for a day, at least, for better looking pictures. Not after a week of food and desserts, especially right after a pig out of dim sum and big cups of bubble teas. Hopefully, there will be a next time for better picture taking.

Fish head Hot Pot dinner at home

Found a fresh big and fat salmon head for sale in Chinese market, I quickly grabbed the one and only and bought it. Served it in Hot Pot style with Sandy and Manzhi.

Pictures clockwise from top: Me was giving Manzhi a haircut, baked duck served with fluffy and light steamed buns, snacks I prepared for our lunch (smoked salmon; sugar coated peanuts Chinese style; smoked bean curd and spicy roasted peanuts), spiltted salmon head in the hot pot, Sandy was enjoying the spicy and smoked turkey necks I made for us to snack on.

Visiting Christie in Clearwater

Visiting Sandy’s old friend Christie in Clearwater.

Pictures clockwise from top: At our home, Sandy was making Chinese pancakes for us as breakfast while Shag was waiting patiently hoping for getting his share, Me and Sandy pose on the balcony of Christie’s home, Christie & Sandy were making dumplings from scratch, three of us together in fancy wigs.