Fort De Soto

The last day of George & Qiqi’s visit, we went to St.Pete beach (only got into the water for 10 seconds had to ran out because my hair were all standing up, rather not getting striking by lighting than having pictures taken, sorry no hair standing pictures).

Dinner at Stonewood. Delicious food, excellent service.

Purple Cauliflowers at Fresh market

Took our friends to the Saturday’s fresh market at Wiregrass mall. It was the first time I saw such colored cauliflowers, at Wiregrass Saturday’s fresh market. The rest of photos: Cinnamon raisin breads, a black lab walking casually in his dog shoes, I want those ones for Shag too!

Heavy rain clouds over the water while we were driving on Route 60 towards St.Pete

Having dim sum; Juicy inside, crispy outside deep fried crab craws; Dinner at home later on.