Mont (Mount) Royal, Farmer’s Market

Weather was cold and windy but we still enjoyed our walking and hiking around this city. Clockwise: Sunrise this morning; Halloween cupcakes; overlooking from Mont Royal; very good looking horse and its passengers.
The well known farmer’s market.
My piece of silky textured delicious strawberry cheesecake found in a tiny bakery during our walk; a grocery store’s colorful window painting.

First day at Montréal

Breakfast at this lovely hotel, made friends with this gentleman in the picture named Jan, a great story about how he moved from his hometown in Germany to this French speaking city, following his love.
Walked all day around the city, Olympic Stadium, the famous underground mall, Notre Dame and bumped into a private party at night.

Arrive Montréal, Canada

We are going on a cruise starts on the 22 of the month from Canada, decided to go several days earlier so that we can explore the city of Montréal & Québec. We flew to Québec then drove to Montréal, checked in a lovely hotel named LOVE, yeah, no kidding.

Pictures clockwise from left: Suites where we stayed at has a great view; A chilling day (to our warm blood taste); LOVE hotel; In suite Espresso; A very tasty local delicacy: kind of ground duck, game mixture found in a supermarket.